Why theism is tops!!! (Was Re: Augment questions)

From: David Boatright <david.boatright_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:18:36 -0000

Wulf Corbett

> How do you get leaping shield as an augmentation or edge
> combat. I think the original interpetation was throwing the shield

>I liked the idea of leaping ON your shield - the Silver Surfer
>Subcult of Orlanth (Orlanth the Herald of Galactus?). But I could
>see it being used as an Augment, helping you move the shield
>around faster.

Just wondering, something I have always emphaised to players wase ideas of hitting the enemy with an ability they have a difficulty countering. But I do with this within the normal bidding i.e. they generate AP with there CC skill but during the fight they make a fairly large bid and use something like Leaping Shield (to jump over the shild wall) or Run up Cliffs forcing the other guy to improv. to defend against as opposed to an unrelated action. Of course they only get away with this once or twice in an ecounter. Does any one else do this?

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