Re: Character design Qs

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:09:28 -0000

That would be a workable feat -- certainly something that could be infprovised though I'd point out that destroying or obscuring knowlege is something that LM is NOT thrilled with.

I agree with the mental stuff though. I just don't want to see bald-headded Lankor Mhy sages in wheelchairs fireing psionic blasts, if you get my drift. And until I hear there's an Xavier subcult of LM, I'd not allow such sillynesses.  

> > If the LM doesn't want to try a mental-strike, he is also in an
> > excellent position to learn some of the more obscure feats of the
> > storm/earth pantheon. Afterall, he is the God that best
> > magic, among the orlanthi.
> "May Lhankor Mhy the avenger bless this book, and rob thieves of
thir fingers
> and eyes forever."
> Related to the lawspeaker duty of LM, we can have subcults like LM
> Executioner, LM the Jailer, LM the Riot Cop... ;)
> -B

Charming. A bit extreme, I think.

Judge Lankor -- I AM THE LAW! -- somehow that's a bit far over the edge for me.


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