Re: How do edges and handicaps work?

From: wulfc_at_...
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 08:42:22 -0000

> 1 - I want the official rules answer with minimal interpretation
> that I can put in my program.

Given the many interpretations of the rules, I always state _at_my opinion', despite being bloody certain it's right...

> For example, I have an edge of 3 and I bid 3 when acting. My
> opponent has an edge of 2 for a net edge of 1 in my favour. If I
> the exchange, my opponent loses 4 AP (or 8 or 12 depending on the
> multiplier). If I lose the exchange, I lose 2 APs (or 4 or 6

I disagree with the last point. If I bid 3 AP, and lose, I lose 3 AP (or 6 or 9). No edges are taken into consideration at all when the bidder loses.

Opinions from the floor?


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