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From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 23:37:38 +0100

Graham Robinson:

>Rebels implies you would normally devote to a hero cult as a sub-cult of
>an aspect of a diety.

I think you're right, though I wouldn't call it an implication. I'd say that it's more like a reasonable extrapolation. Presumably the single-feat cults (like Barntaros) are still available 'on the side'.

Tim Ellis:

>I do wonder if there
>should be some sort of Healer available to men...

I think I've seen hints that Heler has healing abilities. Dunno if that means his _worshippers_ will get access to them, though.

Peter Metcalfe:

>Since you can learn the secret for Orlanth Rex in addition to any
>other secret (somewhere in TR, it says this but I can't find it
>right now)

Uhhhh, no. I'm pretty certain it doesn't say this anywhere. Definitely not in any of the places listed in the index. Page 246 says that dual Dar/Rex membership is common, and that the 'expenses' for it are paid by the tribe. Nothing about secrets. But in function, Rex's secret is just like Dar's except better, so it's not much of a choice anyway. :-)

>If you're a High King then you're not a tribal king and so
>wouldn't worship Dar.

Good point. But the upshot of this is that someone making a career of orlanthi leadership is going to have to change cults several times, which means loss of magic. Hmmm, seems like the first order of business for a newly elected king would be to heroquest a lot to get his powers back. Then again, it's noted somewhere that chieftains who become kings usually remain chieftains of their own clans as well, so why they would want to _change_ subcults and lose their clan-controlling affinity is beyond me - presumably they'd worship both.

Jonas Schiött

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