Re: Summoning Daimons

From: markmohrfield_at_...
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:30:56 -0000

> Summoning elementals and whacking your foes with them is not as
> central to the game as they were in RQ's era.

This would seem to be true of the Orlanthi, but I'm not so sure about others. The Issaries web page for the Imperial Lunar Handbook states that "the savage Deshkorgos worshippers who can summon demons and monsters", and the Vecors in Anaxial's Roster stated to be summoned as warriors and bodyguards.

> But I'd say that
> there's rules for summoning things in Anaxial's Record. The
> resistance of the umbroli is eqivalent to the strength of its wind.
> Jeff

While this is certainly a workable rule, I can't find it listed anywere.

                                                Mark Mohrfield

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