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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:30:57 -0500

Replying here to stay OT... =)

Michael Schwartz wrote:
> Jeff Kyer wrote:
> >Reptuation has been suggested as an optional rules
> >set on the HW-rules list some time ago.
> There was not much of anything on the topic which could be dredged up
> in
> the archives, alas, but I did search under something silly like
> "Reputation". God/dess knows where that got me. :)

Yeah, that's true. I'll try to recover the information from my files and Rocchi's origianal writeup.  

> >Usually the people of your clan will all be aware of
> >your qualities -- you grew up there and they know you
> >well.
> Or think they know you. People rarely know each other so thoroughly,
> and
> often hold opinions which may not be wholly deserved. Having deeds
> wrongly ascribed to you, or which people have blown out of proportion,
> is
> all too common even among close kin. I *want* players to ascribe past
> deeds (true or not) to their heroes, or at least the general tenor of
> those deeds.

Reputations are known without any trouble in your clan. That's pretty much guarenteed. Its only a small community. Beyond that, its harder to be 'known'  

> Plain and simple, people are often believed to possess traits which
> they
> in fact do not. The aim of my Reputation guidelines is to provide for
> exactly that situation. Any hero who has a particular trait *will* be
> know for it; my intention is to allow heroes to have a Reputation for
> which they do *not* have a trait, or which is the opposite of a trait
> they possess.

That's fine.  

> >It drops off according to distance/social organization.
> >Tribe --> Confederacy --> Kingdom --> Region
> You neglected to mention Household, Stead and Clan. For me, the
> context
> of the Reputation in the hero's narrative determines its scope; it
> does
> not have to be limited to local environs.

As we were discussing, things inside your clan are pretty much well known. I'd point out that a clan is a very small social organization and that gossip is going to be VERY active.

Ask anyone who's lived in a small town... =)  

> >Reputations are founded on deeds and events important
> >enough to be noticed by the entire [social unit].
> Important, or embarassing. Many adults find it difficult at best to
> live
> down childhood

Yep. And EVERYONE in your clan will know the juicy stuff. Outside that, who knows...?  

> >You can really have only *one* reputation amongst a
> >particular group of people.
> [Emphasis mine]
> Not in the least bit true. People form and hold several opinions about

Possibly, but this is outside your clan. Reputation inside your clan... well, they grew up with you.

The point I am making is that a new reputation will quickly overwhelm an old one. For good, or for ill. This makes maintaining a good name very important.

If you've been a good boy for years (Oskar the Generous) and suddenly everyone knows you burned down some steads adn killed everyone in cold blood, the fame of Oskar Steadburner will be more well known than the previous one.

In your clan, you'd get the benifit of the doubt but... outside that...  

> one another. Example:
> -- "Kallai is a terrific father but only a mediocre husband."
> -- "Eonislara attends temple regularly, but lacks devotion."
> -- "Vargast handles a sword well, but fears the actual fight."

Possible. But again... petty. Reputation is for important things, I think. At least outside your clan.

Trivial reputations give trival results. Being a terrific father is not going to be important when you go to the Black Oaks and try to threaten them into stopping their raids.  

> These are fairly petty reputations, but could be important in a
> clan-oriented campaign. As a hero's Relationship rating lacks the
> flavor
> which makes for memorable character interactions, I tend to err on the
> side of multi-faceted Reputations.
> >Good examples of reputations causing problems. You
> >forgot groupies though... =)
> Attracting followers is already covered somewhat in the HERO WARS
> rules,
> and I saw no reason for any additional comments. Nuisance followers
> are
> of course random personal crises, as per my previous post. :)

That's fine. But they are the part and parcel of a wide-spread reputation, I think.

For example there are many, many cases in the Icelandic sagas of unsuitable people coming to work for various heroes because they are so famous (and being turned away for being unsitable, often violently).  

> >Just some comments from things that had been posted
> >before.
> I would be curious to see those prior posts, especially as you
> apparently
> recommended one of them for Best HERO WARS House Rules. Paul Rocchi
> does
> not subscribe to these lists, however, else I would ask him directly.

Yes, I cannot find his website anymore or URL. =(  

> Jeff Kyer again:
> >I believe that mass combat is being worked on...
> Let us hope that whomever does them keeps them simple enough for those
> without a background in Ancient and Medieval History, yet colorful
> enough
> to engage those who do.

Play nice.  

> You are the Moderator, although I disagree. Mass Combat will be vital,
> especially as the Hero Wars progress. Anyone running an Orlanthi
> campaign
> will want guidelines beyond those existing few in HERO WARS, as
> raiding
> is quintessenial to the culture. And for world-shaking campaigns like
> Martin Laurie's "Gwandor Saga", set-piece field battles are fairly
> common.

We were discussing how the rules for reputation would work.  

> If nothing else, players and gamemasters may want something akin to
> PENDRAGON's Battle system in order to intergrate their heroes into the

Yep. That's a good system. I quite liked it, frankly.  

> Big Picture. I see that as having everything to do with using HERO
> to play in Glorantha.

Yes, but working out how this would be done is definitely a _rules_ question, not a genre question... if you see the difference? How would the rules work, how would they be set up, how would they function... etc, etc. Once we have that, we can discuss how to raid teh Black Oaks into submission.

Besides, its quieter over here. =)


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