Re: Hero Wars PBEM?

From: bethexton_at_...
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 18:43:05 -0000

I might well be interested too. My local friends can't seem to support an ongoing game anymore, and I just don't have enough free time to keep in touch with existing friends and join a new gaming group.

The only thing is....I just can't quite picture how this works. I've seen how often PBEM Diplomacy breaks down, and that is in many ways a far simpler game. I'd be interested, but before I count myself in I want to make sure that I can realistically follow through on the commitment. I guess my questions are:
1- How would this run? Is it literally by normal email (+possibly a mailing list)? Or is this more along the lines of everyone in a chat room at the same time sort of thing (faster, but far harder to schedule).
2- What sort of time commitments would one expect?


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