Re: Hero Wars PBEM?

From: Alexandre Lanciani <takenegi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 23:54:39 +0100


> The only thing is....I just can't quite picture how this works. I've
> seen how often PBEM Diplomacy breaks down, and that is in many ways a
> far simpler game. I'd be interested, but before I count myself in I
> want to make sure that I can realistically follow through on the
> commitment. I guess my questions are:
> 1- How would this run? Is it literally by normal email (+possibly a
> mailing list)? Or is this more along the lines of everyone in a chat
> room at the same time sort of thing (faster, but far harder to
> schedule).

    This are just my two bolgs' worth of experience, but when I ran my PBeM I tried to run it according to the lines of the perfect PBeM, that is: break the action in turns, have something like a declaration of intent phase and so on...

    We found this method boring and too restrictive very soon, and naturally switched to something that looked more like a collective narrative, where every player added a paragraph to the unfolding tale. Of course every player had a different style. There even wasn't a real consistency of tenses, but it naturally came out entertaining enough (at least I hope so, it certainly was for me).

    Then it died without a sound... :-/

"Cinq Milliards de races d'hommes sur Terre
Est-ce assez pour croiser le fer...?"

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