RE: Re: New Map of the Empire

From: Gareth Martin <gamartin_at_...>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:45:17 -0000

> Agreed, and there are some other good maps at Wesley's site too. It
> would be nice to see a gazeeter product, an Atlas of Glorantha, maybe
> in larger fromat than the paperbacks (which I like) can handle,
> epsecially if all the maps are of this high quality.

I'd be willing to purchase a coffee-table-stylee book of images and maps of Glorantha, especially if accompannied by flavour text. Might even catch the broader network that "Gnomes" and "Lady Cottingdon's Book of Pressed Fairies" caught, the absurdist niche. It would also make an excellent prop for players; colour plates similar to those of characters/warriors in Storm Tribes would be a GREAT visual tool. Views of cities....

I'm getting carried away. None the less, it might be an idea worth considering, although the vision in my head would be quite expensive to produce. I'd buy it, anyway.

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