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Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 06:25:26 -0000

If you're going to tweak the edges on this at all, then give it a + on offense and a - on defense all the time. Shields are a BIG advantage, and not just when worrying about missiles.

But if you're going to this level of tweaking, you have to give the two-hand weapon guys the same minus.

> >
> > Are there any mentions of this style in myth or heroic literature?
> Some viking and celtic heroes are known to have fought like this.
> -Adept

At the risk of restarting the "my kind of battle re-creation is better than yours" debate, I'll mention my favorite quote about two-weapon users in melee:

On seeing a very skilled SCA two sword tourney fighter taking his swords out for the melee, a noted warlord commented "There goes an underutilized spearman."

Only the extremely skilled take two weapon into a large (>10 per side) melee. It's just too easy to get stuck by someone with something long and pointy when you lack both shield and long pointy thing of your own.

That said, two things:

Broadsword and [something else] is better than just broadsword on those awkward social occasions when you've left your shield with your back boy.

We are playing heroes, so what the heck. I'd still throw in the occasional fyrdman buddy who gives this a try and gets the wind let out of him, permanently.


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