Re: TR stuff.

From: wulfc_at_...
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 11:43:39 -0000

> > > Functionally the same, but easier to work with in practice.
> > You are also penalising your players in terms of there resistance
> > magical attacks as this is frequently resisted using the affinity
> > rating.
> That's true - the +3 would also have to apply to those suffering
> attack. The main reason for the change is that by far the most
common use
> of affinities (in my game) is an initiate using it as an augment.
> considering how to streamline this.

I'd love a streamlining too, our players keep forgetting or confusing matters (Andy & I being in the same group), the worse as we use -5 as the default mod. You might (unlikely) also penalise Follower ratings, if the Affinity was the highest Ability, and learning Secrets...


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