Re: Re: Leaving the hero plane

From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_...>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:57:07 +0100

Jeff wrote:
> Total Community Support +16 or so (if its a clan, more if its tribal)

I disagree. A community will not give total support for an initiation; Total Support, as defined in he rules, means the supporters directly benefit or suffer from the consequences of the HQ. Total support during an initiation HQ would mean that, if initiation failed, as if presumably sometimes does, the whole clan will share in the failure in a direct and proportional way. For example, no longer having access to any Storm Pantheon magic. That would mean destruction of the clan.

> Special sacrifices previously prepared ?

Which have no effect (not mentioned in the NB).

> Support of Clan Godtalkers (various augments on the priest) ?

Isn't that part of the community support? Support using what? Mythology of Orlanth? Looking at the rules, you are better off having 30 carls giving 30 +1 augments using they Mythology of Orlanth 13 than providing community support. Therefore the rules implicitly ban you from supporting quests in that way.

> Clan Magical Regalia (which might be of use in this for more augments)

How big an augment? In practice, you can't count on an augment bigger than 1/10 of the ability rating, so even clan level magic items (10W2) are only going to give you +5.

> Support of the clan wyter (if it has useful stuff -- I'd let it drag
> down the barrier somewhat)

Isn't that included in the community support? Not mentioned in the NB.  

> So, even without augmentation, we've got a +56... That gives old
> Torvald a 6w4 without even working up a sweat or using augments.

6W4 against 10W3 still gives a sizeable chance of failure, and failure to breakthrough is extra dangerous.

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