Re: Leaving the hero plane

From: Jeff <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:50:09 -0000

So, you feel that initiating the new adults of the clan is NOT sufficient for total support?

> initiation failed, as if presumably sometimes does, the whole clan
> will share in the failure in a direct and proportional way. For
> example, no longer having access to any Storm Pantheon magic. That
> would mean destruction of the clan.

No. We're talking about breaching the barrier. The quest inside, since its an intiation quest, is presumably well within the means of the initiates. Afterall, it IS done routinely every few years by ever clan, many of whom have no good magicans (as you point out)

The main difficulty you have raised is the 10w3 barrier and I agree that this is going ot be the main problems.

However, to cross the barrier, any form of success is required. If you fail to overcome the barrier, NOTHING HAPPENS (unless you are completely defeated) -- this is in the FAQ.

Once you are on the other side, the heroquest for initiation is readliy done by the majory of the untrained Not Adults.  

> > Special sacrifices previously prepared ?
> Which have no effect (not mentioned in the NB).

Ah, I see. You don't believe in improvising.  

> > Support of Clan Godtalkers (various augments on the priest) ?
> Isn't that part of the community support?

If they take other roles or go and make items

> Support using what? Mythology of Orlanth?

The Lankor Mhy can use his knowelege feats to find out more obscure and useful clues for this trip. The Issaries can bless the Celebrant with eloquence. Imagination and a flexible narrator are key things here.

> Looking at the rules, you are better off having 30 carls giving 30
> augments using they Mythology of Orlanth 13 than providing community
> support. Therefore the rules implicitly ban you from supporting
> quests in that way.

Sadly, you can only use one augment for a skill as per Augmentations.  

> > Clan Magical Regalia (which might be of use in this for more
> How big an augment? In practice, you can't count on an augment
> than 1/10 of the ability rating, so even clan level magic items
> (10W2) are only going to give you +5.

+5 is still useful.  

> > Support of the clan wyter (if it has useful stuff -- I'd let it
> > down the barrier somewhat)
> Isn't that included in the community support?
> Not mentioned in the NB.

Gee. Wyter are not mentioned. COuld be because they are mentioned in TR? And weren't a part of the game until then? I am sure that the wyter would be of use both as a FOCUS for the community agument and it might have abilities of its own.   

> > So, even without augmentation, we've got a +56... That gives old
> > Torvald a 6w4 without even working up a sweat or using augments.
> 6W4 against 10W3 still gives a sizeable chance of failure, and
> failure to breakthrough is extra dangerous.

Ah, that's without aguments and without spending HeroPoints or offering sacrifices....

...with that I can easiy get to a 15w4.

Remember, I only need a level of success. If I fail, we just don't go through the barrier. And with a mastery advantage, I am not going to get a Complete failure. I belive that there are some errata about crossing the barrier on the Issaries site to this effect.

Hope this helps,


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