Re: A hero creation tweak I have in mind...

From: wulfc_at_...
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 15:28:34 -0000

Yes, I used this idea too, with the same reason for chosing 25 words (and have mentioned it on-list some time ago), but I gave it up. Firstly because it's too powerful, secondly because it's too complex. I do NOT, and never will, treat my character's Followers as faceless nonentities, no more than AP batteries, as the rules suggest, but I couldn't be bothered with the space they took up on the character sheet with all the extra detail. Now, instead, I allow spending HP on Followers to allow additional Abilities at -16 from the Hero's best (following the -8, -12 trend), which adds a bit of useful colour without much overbalance. 25 words of fluff text, with no game effect, is fine though, and I would always allow that any character, hero or follower, should have his/her/its cultural/racial keywords at basic ratings in addition to the chosen Follower abilities. Any decent Orlanthi should have a Magical keyword too, but that's a bit too powerful...

>Any noteworthy (i.e., non-mundane) items which
> are included in a hero's narrative likewise merit a 25-word write-
up, and
> should be named.

Named yes, but items are just removable abilities, I wouldn't allow more than 1 ability per HP maximum if aquired during play. Written up, I might allow a couple of abilities, but not 25 word's worth! As some have said, just naming an item, with no defined powers, can be the best part of the idea.


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