Re: Rally Warriors

From: ian_hammond_cooper_at_...
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 17:24:35 -0000

> Jeff Kyer says:
> >Perhaps they engage in the sort of Repartee that warriors are so
> >to spout in works such as Dumas? Surely noone can be so witty
> >divine aid!

Peter Larsen wrote:
> Aren't the Esrolian Humakti like this? "I will use my Ribald
Quip 10W2
> biding 20AP suggesting that her mother and the Bishop "know" each
> "She defends with "Biting Sarcasm 5W2...." Be very afraid.
Actually, it's
> Ribald Quip vs Harrek's Kill Everything (Even Jaded Sense of World-
> Humor) that keeps me up at night.

Depends on your playing style I guess. Combat in our game does seem to be more out of The Three Musketeers movie than Mad Max. (The Vingan who clubbed her opponent with a large sausage springs immediately to mind). I think it all comes down to taste in the end. As long as your group can agree on a 'style'.

Ian cooper

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