Re: Rally Warriors

From: bethexton_at_...
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 19:13:41 -0000

Are you sure that it didn't also have another definition? My Webster's has a definition similar to that, but also:

rally {vt}: 1 a: to muster for a common purpose b: to recall to order 2 a: to arouse for action b: to rouse from depression or weakness {~vi} 1: to come together again to renew an effort 2: to join in a common cause

"rally warriors" is obviously a transitive use of the the word, so "to muster [warriors] for a common purpose, to recall [warriors] to order, to arouse [warriors] for action, to rouse [warriors] from depression or weakness." would cover the basic meanings of the feat I'd say.


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