Re: Many heroes against one big nasty beast

From: wulfc_at_...
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:42:30 -0000

> > I'd call that 'Imposing' or 'Impressive Looking' or something.
> Large
> > can be too useful to allow as another meta-ability.
> If you don't want to allow heroes to take "Large" at all, that's
> fine. But it does solve the problem of the "amazing growing
> follower", whose Large goes up as the hero's best ability improves.

I'd allow a little Large, so to speak :) Up to 17 by 'normal' improvement, more with suitable explanation and/or magic ("My Grandfather was a Giant. We don't talk about it much...").  

> I have a hero in my game who has "Impressive Stature". I take the
> same view on that. As that ability increases, she doesn't get
> just more impressive.

I'd agree, and would put no such limit on that ability. But I wouldn't allow her to Trample people either...


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