Re: Disciples: 10W relationship with followers

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 21:17:32 -0000

>This leads to a second question. I don't have the book to hand but
>it does mention that the disciple loses all relationships except the
>relationship with the supporters. I think that this goes too far.

Even Superheroes have best friends...

>I agree that all dependant relationships, ally relationships and
>magical/religious relationships should go, but these should probably
>be replaced with relationships of type Contact - they still know and
>probably like/love/whatever the disciple. It is just that he (non-
>gender specific) cannot be bound by these relationships anymore.

I'm not sure that the disciple needs to have this relationship recorded, although the other may have or keep their relationship to the hero. (I'm thinking here of the Disciple who has been called by the God, leaving his wife and family. His realtionship to them has gone, replaced by his Disciple of [god], although they will still have relationships to him.

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