From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 12:25:03 -0000

The following quote is from a discussion between Jeff & Roger on the HEROWARS list

>> a) compulsory personality abilities at the same target
>> number as the magical keyword (17 for medium level
>> campaign starting characters)

>In TR and in Storm Tribe it mentions that Virtues CAN be taken
>optionally by the character. They don't have to have them. And they
>don't have to have them at the full keyworld value. Somewhere from
>12 to keyword value (Usually 17) is sufficient.

>> b) as free (i.e. not included in 100 words/10
>> abilities) compulsory other abilities at 13

>Free. They are a part of the magical keyword.

Hmm, made me wonder whether an alternative way of assigning numbers to abilities would be to assign a "pool" of points to be shared between all the abilities, setting a "maximum" and maybe a limit to how many can start above 20. It would mean that Character Generation would take a bit longer, and require slightly more maths, but would mean not every new character has "the same" scores in all their keywords. If you set the "pool" to be the sum of the points you would get by the "standard" method then you could still default to that if you wanted.

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