Re: Re: Just a quick question

From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_...>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 15:18:51 +0100

Jarec wrote:
> By the same token if the players quest for a magic sword and fail why
> should they just be able to spend 2HP and get one anyway. Where is
> the motivation next time I run a sword quest adventure?

Do it because its fun?

As Ian reported, in a previous adventure we uncovered some dastardly Thanatari, and thereby gained a named klanth, which is almost certainly magic, as it is a valuable gift. In our latest adventure we chased our trickster, who had swallowed the klanth and ran off drunk. We didn't seem to lack motivation, despite nobody spending a HP to cement the benefit of the klanth.

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