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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 21:36:25 -0700


> I think that a found item that was cemented could easily have a starting
> rating other than 12. So the Sword of Dragon Slaying might be a 5w2, or
> something. Seems a little easier than giving directed experience.

That's certainly plausible, and in our games, Jeff has done something like that with relationships. (Though that's a *lot* of directed experience!)

> As for magic items and their proliferation, the Orlanthi regard the world as
> a largely magical place, so it's no suprise that the average orlanthi will
> have skads of things they regard as magical. ... Whether
> an outsider would regard them as magical is questionable

I've mentioned before the boat my character had. I didn't consider it magical at first (though it had a rating, I thought it was just a boat with a name), but as I put Hero Points into the rating, it seemed to get more magical in my mind. Whether the boat was actually becoming more magical, or whether my character was simply learning about its innate magic, who knows?

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