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From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 11:05:46 +0100

Well turn it on it's head. Give it a resistance of 10W3 and if he succeeded he ends up the hero/God plane where time has not yet started. Where exactly he ends up could be very interesting.

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> I don't think that you can stop time, slow it down, or speed it up.
> Time is part of the great compromise and you just cannot alter it
> without endangering the Compromise and the Universe. Gods don't have
> this power - see Javern Spithorn and the Sunset Leap:
> The Sunstop may have affected Time, but this is a one off,
> involvement of millions event, and huge magical consequences.
> So I'd disallow the power. I'm all for the Hero Wars philosophy of
> saying 'Yes', but only to elements that do not contradict the
> principles of the game world. As another example I would not
> allow 'Godlearners secret' as a character ability.
> Ian Cooper
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