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From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 08:33:25 -0500

Graham Robinson says

to me:
>> In modern Glorantha, wouldn't you need to roll the Godlearner Secret vs (I
>> don't know, 14?) each session to see if the Giftbringers do their stuff? It
>> could lead to a short campaign....
>Once a season? I think you're being far too kind.

        I was thinking every play session, but I suppose it would depend on how much time each session covered. Heck, perhaps once each morning at Dawn would be fair (maybe a graduated scale -- a minor "victory" means bad luck; total victory means total destruction. And how would you justify buying it down? ("I'm drinking -- a lot." "Why did you join the Seshnelan Foreign Legion?" "To forget...")

>Anyway, I was thinking for either a very unusual character (probably an
>NPC) or a historical campaign.

        Well, heck, NPCs can do anything. Makes 'em more mysterious....

>Anyway, just because the character THINKS he knows the secret, and can use
>it to do some stuff, doesn't mean its true...

        Ahhh. The old "Just write 'delusions of' in front of that ability, and your character sheet will be correct" ploy.... Cunning. Actually, you could have some fun with this -- give the players and extra five words or so during character creation, but one of their skills is wrong or misunderstood or much lower value than they think ("I thought you said you knew Prax like the back of your hand." "Is it my fault that things have changed since I was here 15 years ago?" or "You know when you picked "Popular with the Humakti" during character creation? You just think they like you...."). Other options: the "magic item" is just a good luck charm; the follower is a spy; the patron is using you for her own nefarious ends, etc.

Peter Larsen

Peter Larsen

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