Re: Stop Time

From: Jeff <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:30:24 -0000

Guilty as charged. But at least I was able to stagger off to bed. But I slept through the Amazing Disappearing Ladder Episode... What WAS that all about? I never did get a clear idea of what was going on there.

But even I'd not drink from Daniel's jar. It was too... green.  

> Largely my brain has ceased working due to the bloody flu bug I
picked up
> either at the con or courtesy of Ryan Air coming home. Maybe another
> Talisker will fix it?

Mmmmm. Sweet Talisker dulls the pain.  

> Anyway, even at once per session, I still say he's far too generous.
> go with every five minutes...

Or whenever someone says or does something in particular. You could make a good "drinking game" out of this...  

Someone mispronounces a feat -- roll for Giftbringers. Someone asks for someone else's munches -- roll for Giftbringers. Someone ask to borrow a rulebook -- roll for Giftbringers.

But change the condition randomly each game (assuming he lasts that long)


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