Re: Re: Stop liver function.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 18:27:46 +0100 (BST)

Jeff K:
> Guilty as charged. But at least I was able to stagger off to bed. But
> I slept through the Amazing Disappearing Ladder Episode... What WAS
> that all about? I never did get a clear idea of what was going on
> there.

What happens is this. "One" gets very drunk, in the middle of the night. "One" has a drunken conversation with a con organiser (who will remain nameless, except to say that his name begins in "F"[*]), which one (mis?)construes as a bet, dare, or challenge to get out of the castle, without using the door. "One" then unscrews the door of the wine cellar to get out a ladder, which one then charges into a dorm with, clanging it off several beds, and failing to get out of the window with it. (I was in one of the beds at the time, in case anyone is wondering...)

> But even I'd not drink from Daniel's jar. It was too... green.

Not even _I_ drank from the green one. *shudder*

> Probably about the same. I'm wary of making it too broad or
> differenntial. Currently, we have a relatively simple system. But if
> a character has a broad skill 'strong' or 'wide travelled' I impose a
> penalty for more specific usages of the 'parent' -- such as 'arm
> wrestling' or 'what IS in RuneGate'

I wonder if part of the motivation in having "broad" abilities cost more is a) to rationalise the existing cost of Affinities as an instance of such, and b) to fix the obvious bug that the useless and expensive abilities mystics get aren't expensive (or useless) enough, by making them pay triple for their disciplines.

> We found, in play, that making Close or Ranged combat more expensive
> means that players will just spend points on them and not on the fun
> stuff like relationships, followers, Drink Copiously, swindle, What Is
> In Runegate Anyways, and Explain To The Wife.

That'd be unfortunate: I assume the hope is more the reverse!

> "Before we can rebuild Alex, we must dstroy him!"

Between some rather decent Scotch donated by some public-spirited (sic) individuals, the dunkel hefeweiß, and Ryanair losing not my luggage, but me, on the way home, I think "we" just about managed the second, at least!


[*] And ends in "abian Küchler".

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