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From: Gerald Bosch <gbosch_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 00:38:56 -0400

bethexton_at_... wrote:

> This isn't in the rules about contests, but when you get bonusses
> from ceremonies for each point of success you generally get +1 skill
> or +2 edge or +2AP. Normally the AP isn't the best investment. I'd
> think it would be allowable for a character to roll an augment for
> themselves trying to score bonus AP at the same target number as an
> equivalent edge. (Getting AP from someone else should follow the AP
> loaning rules, of course). So for example she could probably have
> rolled against her endurance with some sort of modifier (it isn't
> totally appropriate, but is semi-reasonable), or else some healing
> ability with no modifier, or possibly even something
> like "determined" ("I will myself to stand up straight and get back
> into the fight") or a wind affinity ("Orlanth, send me your
> refreshing breath to clear my ringing head and strengthen my wobbly
> arm").
> Once again, that isn't from the just seems like a
> reasonable extension of the rules that isn't too open to abuse.

Thank you. This seems like a very useful idea.

> Per the rules, I don't think she can. She can make a sword with
> the "sword help" ability (or whatever), but its user still has to
> call upon the gods, with variable results. The magic doesn't let you
> make a better sword, it lets you make a sword that has a god's
> blessing, and you still have to ask for that blessing when you want
> it.

The discussion of permanent enchantments certainly suggests this, but then in the enhancements section Kallai gets a permanent edge enchanted into his sword.

> Of course, many groups seem to allow simple no-roll augments at
> around ability/10 (round down). So you could almost treat it as a
> permanent edge, but you would still need the action to get the
> augment.

Being new to the list, I wasn't aware of this. Interesting.

> I get the feeling that this is a view of magic items that not
> everyone is happy with, but that is the way they seem to be in the
> rules.
> --Bryan

I can't say I like it too much myself. My players are already feeling a bit overwhelmed by enhancement rolls. Thank you for your insights.


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