Re: Re: Digest Number 577

From: Gerald Bosch <gbosch_at_...>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:03:02 -0400

ian_hammond_cooper_at_... wrote:

> AFAIK the feats list is not meant to be seen as limited - this is all
> there is, but default feats for characters and beginning heroes. Why
> not give your Humakti hero new ones that you feel are 'sexier',
> either as part of the conversion to fit the character conception
> better, or by allowing him to improvise new feats in play and them
> buy them with a Hero Point.

Thanks for the confirmation- this was how I had read things as well. I've been working on some new feats this last week.

I've been considering the idea of associating each known feat with a Quest Challenge. When the Hero wants the new feat they hold a ceremony, cross over, and if they win they spend the Hero Points and get the feat cemented. If they improvised a new feat in play and wanted to cement it they would face a somewhat more risky challenge (because they are discovering a "new" secret.)



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