Re: Re: Digest Number 583

From: Christian Wanamaker <enlil5_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:57:06

>From: ian_hammond_cooper_at_...
>Subject: Re: Digest Number 583
>Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:06:24 -0000
>Tim Ellis wrote:
> > ...But one you can deal with in the same way you deal with the
>person who spend all his HP's just on Close Combat - You put him in
>situations where swordhelp +13 is no use, or less use than the other
>feats he has chosen to ignore...<
>Agreed its a factor in a solution, but not the whole picture. In the
>current system a feat has two potential advantages over an affinity -
>you can augment an ability with more than one feat, and it may
>represent something you cannot otherwise do.
>Under the new system the feat also has the advantage that it is
>cheaper to raise an inidvidual feat than the whole affinity, allowing
>a devotee 'power up'.
>This is offset by the fact that it is in one feat. This is limited as
>before by the fact that it can only provide one augment, but for
>feats which all tend to augment the same mundane skill you can offset
>this against the bigger augment you can obtain. For example, you tend
>to use your Combat affinity feats to enhance Close Combat. Previously
>there was an incentive to be creative in play and use mutliple feats,
>(distinguished in game mechanics only by name) to allow multiple
>augments. Under the new proposal the incentive is to buy up one feat -
> e.g.Swordhelp - as a cheap way to increase the 'combat' affinity.
>So in a combat situation you will have to work hard to remove the
>swordhelp advantage. The flavor of the game changes. This applies to
>other affinities that are used to augment or provide an edge rather
>than provide a skill - the incentive is to buy up one feat.

I'm not sure that this is any different than buying up some kind of "Good in a Fight" mundane skill (at basicly the same cost as raising a feat, presumably), or a stand alone feat. I don't think it would really change this facet that much. I don't really see that much with a character having a favorite feat they specialize in, anyway.

OTOH, I think the changes will be more along the lines of someone buying up "Mile Long Javelin Throw" or some sort of lightning blast and using that directly in combat, rather than as an augment. Good? Bad? I'm not sure, but it does certainly change the flavor.

On a vaguely related note, it seems like there are certain feats or skills whose augments should only last for a single attack (like Ambush). How do people treat these?


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