Re: Re: Logarithmic Add Ons

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:47:40 +0800

> > On the other hand, many people were (IMO also correctly) pointing out
>> that multiplying a logarithmic ability is the path to howling madness.
>It does make them _really_ scary on full moon... haven't really ran into
>problem with it though.

        Maybe because its not your gameful of pcs with wildly varying power levels, making it nearly impossible to plot for?

        (+/- 10 or 20 is enough to make an enormous difference. Adding the x1.5 options just ensures that the power differential will be enough to break campaigns over the w2 level).

>What's your suggestion Nick?
>+/- 1 mastery level?
>The problem is, parhaps, that a fixed penalty/bonus will either be
>rather staggering at the lower levels, or insignificant at the high
>levels. Not a good thing either.

        This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem - a fixed penalty/bonus is exactly as important, whatever level you have. If someone has a +10 advantage, that is never insignificant.

        You appear to not understand a basic property of the HW mechanics. I'm not trying to insult you there, really, just clearly state the issue.

        In other words, a +w1 has the exact same significance to the combat whether it takes you from 5w7 to 5w8, or 5 to 5w1. Which is a Neat Thing.


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