Re: Fix Augments

From: Charles Corrigan <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 03:36:02 -0000

> > Augment a friend who is struggling against a superior foe.
> IIRC, the rules do not permit this.

I believe that the rules do allow this on the basis of anything not explicitly forbidden is allowed. But we have had this discussion before... ;-)

> > It may save his life
> A +1 or +2 is unlikely to do this. You are probably better off
> attacking their opponent yourself (you might even force the opponent
> to take a -3 multiple-targets penalty)

A very much underused option is AP-lending. If my character has poor close combat but loads of APs due to followers and another character has good close combat but few APs and is facing an equally good or better opponent. I would be stupid to have my character attack the opponent directly as there is a good chance that my character will transfer APs to the opponent making the situation worse. Far better that I lend APs to the other character who has a reasonable chance of taking APs from the opponent.


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