Re: Game balance

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:48:50 +0800

>David Cake:
>> Feats and all that stuff don't
>> really matter - once you have a basic 'Kick Ass' feat of some kind,
>> any others don't really help you win contests against others much.
>Seems to me it's both a common feature of myth, and a standard type of
>Monster or enemy appears with some power that makes it apparently
>Good guys find some way to avoid or counteract the power and defeat enemy.
>Any character who relies on a single 'Kick Ass' feat is liable to find
>himself playing the role of the monster in someone else's story.

        I'm not suggesting that you this is a way to always win the game, or whatever - just the contrary - having more than one feat that allows you to attack is not any sort of threat to game balance.

        The game has a basic mechanic. For game balance to work, that has to work reasonably well. The narrator can then mess with that basic mechanic in various ways for dramatic tension.

        All sorts of times when your abilities are not as useful as you thought they were are good for the game. Not being able to run group fights or magic contests, because the disparity of abilities of your players is too large for then to take on the same opponents, is not.


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