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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 17:42:52 -0000

Alex Ferguson wrote:
>I described an NPC weaponthane, Alynra Speardottir, as being the
best bare-fist fighter in the clan (it being evident from context that she wasn't ordinarily the best at "close combat"). This caused some eyebrows to be raised,since "by the book", combat skill don't work in that manner. Now,is that a clear, legitimate example of game mechanics tripping up narrative?<

Alynra Speardottir
Close Combat(Bare Fist Fighting) 10W2
Tactics: Has an improvisational modifier of -10 using weapons (i.e. 20W).

The rules suggest the narrator to chose a penalty of -1 to -10. The - 10 penalty seems fairly appropriate here - there are no armed skills in the Close Comabt list, let alone an incorrect one. This is handled by the existng rules and similar provision is made for characters whose combat skills are mounted when fighting on foot.

The fact that using unlisted weapons is at an improvisational modifer, which tends to be -1 to -10, but could be even higher ("sorry Jo but your Axe & Shield is nothing like Sumo that's a - 10W" ) seems to have been overlooked in arguments over Close Combat.

Ian Cooper

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