Hey, at least I'm up to Feb: Associate cults.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:17:39 +0100 (BST)

> From: "Jeff" <jeff.kyer_at_...:
> As has been said by others (and frequently) associated magic is not a
> part of HW, being an artifact of Runequest.

That strikes me as a very odd characterisation of rules that were always written in a very Gloranthocentric manner. It's certainly not something that the gamesystem "forced" on cult writeups in any way, as might well be argued about some "legacy issues". If it's been RetConned in (Greg's/Issaries's) Glorantha, or if it's just "not addressed in HW", then fair enough, but those aren't the same things.

> The role of Associated
> Magic is taken by Divine Aid or Pantheon worship, which, if you buy
> it up to a decent level, functions very nicely (as my players have
> shown me). If you absolutely, positively HAVE to have some feat from
> another cult, Divine Aid is how you will have to do it.

I disagree completely. Associate magic is a great deal more specific than that.

> If you simply MUST have it and
> can't figure out how to justify it (and aren't willing to think about
> just why _that_ is), then take the feat as a part of your starting
> writeup and/orlearn it as a stand alone feat starting at 12 and
> increase it accordingly.

I'd say that was the closest model, in fact. (So I'd agree on the general advice, but skip the "deprecation".) If I were feeling ultra-generous, and it seemed to "fit in" I might allow an "associate feat" to be lumped in with an existing affinity, whatever its "source". (Arguably that's a bit closer to the RQ mechanic, in fact: make it just like the god's pown rune magic in effect, but add a bit of roleplaying colour to gaining and using it.)

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