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From: Jeff <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:21:12 -0000

He can get them, and if they are covered in his current array of affinities, then he gets them as feats. If they are not in his array of affinities, he may at NARRATOR'S permission, gain them as stand-alone feats which are raised individually.  

> Say what does a devotee of Hedkoranth Adventurous do with the Storm
feats he
> should get? Does he gains them as stand alone feats? Or maybe he
gains the
> Storm affinity and only those feats granted by the subcult?
Something else?

Any orphaned feats MIGHT be gained by as 'stand alone' the hero if the narrator is feeling nice. An initiate would get nothing (they don't get feats, afterall). There was considerable discussion of this and there's a fair number of examples and commentary in the archives.

You do not gain an affinity unless it is given to you by your current subcults/aspect (or, possibly, if you put it in your 100 words but I'd be wary of something like that)  

> Then, the rules in Thunder Rebels don't mention hero cults. Are they
> subcults? Even if they teach only a single feat? Or do they work
> differently?

Herocults are mentioned in Storm Tribe.

They are usually not subcults. They usually provide a feat or two. They may provide an affinity. They usually don't have secrets (or at least, secrets worth learning)

Jeff Kyer

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