RE: Which eGroup?

From: guy hoyle <ghoyle1_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 16:04:14 -0500

|This is 'Hero Wars - the world of Glorantha' group, for setting and
|campaign discussion & rules (like cult & personality writeups, how to
|run a Clan), the other one is 'Hero Wars - the RPG' group for rules
|discussion (like, what are wounds for? What the hell does Sunset leap
|mean?). There's also the Glorantha digest, for Gloranthan discussion
|without specific reference to Hero Wars.
|Ideally, all 3 should co-exist without excessive crossover, so really
|you need to be subscribed to all.

The Glorantha Digest is definitely the place to argue Gloranthan esoterica. If you're not a Glorantha expert, and you need to know something to run an HW campaign, you should probably post it on HeroWars. If you need rules clarifications for HW, HW-Rules is the mailing list to have.


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