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Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 11:25:37 -0700

Trotsky wrote

>Its worth noting that the computer game greatly
>simplifies things for purposes of playability - Sartar actually has
>seventeen tribes (not counting Far Point, which was added shrotly
>before the Conquest) with something an average of about six or seven
>clans each. Three of the tribes are not 'normal' Heortlings (Sun
>County, Ducks and the Telmori).

I won't deny that the computer game simplifies things, but I believe several of the tribes of Sartar were added after the actual foundation of the kingdom. Also, the traditional number of tribes is 24 (and the Pol Joni are one of them).

>three 'tribal
>confederations exist, each consisting of a group of tribes who share
>the same town, although there isn't an overall leader for the
>confederation. A number of tribes aren't part of confederations,
>though, while the city of Boldhome acts as national capitol and isn't
>associated with any specific group of tribes.

I think these city confederations probably do still exist in the Hero Wars period, despite the effective collapse of the kingdom of Sartar. In other words, the tribes which originally founded the city still mostly cooperate. The city is however a mostly independent entity. (The city might think of itself as a clan belonging not to one of the tribes, but to the confederation, or even just to the city.)

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