Hero Wars Initiation Scenario Contest

From: PRIVAT Grégory <prax_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 21:31:45 -0000

Hi all !

We are very proud to announce the start of our "Hero Wars Initiation scenario contest".

The aim of the contest is to allow new players and people interested by demonstrations to have access to good scenarios written by players for other players.

We organize this constest without any financial support.

The winner will be published in the next "Ye Booke of Tentacles" and one scenario will be selected at random and its author will win a Collector's Figurine of a Broo.

You can find the rules of this contest at : http://pavis.free.fr/prax/contest.htm

Une version française de ce concours aura lieu tres prochainement. (The french version of the contest will happen very soon.)


Gregory Privat,
Jerome Mugica,
Xavier Spinat,
Regis "Rappar", and
Philippe Krait.


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