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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 17:18:24 PDT

James Turner:

>It's the "Cults of Prax" I have the problem with.

>Waha, Eiritha and Storm Bull are not gods anymore? (the website still >says
>they are).

They're still deities. If god means anything that is worshipped through theistic methods, then they are not gods. But then this means that the Invisible God is not a God either.

>All those RQ initiates/runelords/priests are now walking around with
>fetishes instead of rune magic or magic abilites.

Even the Pavis boxed set umpteen years ago pointed out (in the history section) that the magic of the praxians was spirits and the like as opposed to the rune gods of the Orlanthi. I can dig up the quote if you like.

>The poor old tribial shaman now has to provide all the tribial magic by
>handing out these fetishes to everyone and refilling the used ones (surely
>a 24/7 job).

What else do you think a shaman does?

>1. Praxian tribes have loads of shamans, a Waha shaman, an Eiritha >Shaman,
>a Storm Bull shaman etc

No. Animist magic is not the shaman's sole domain and the Praxians still do most magic through the Khan and the Eiritha Priestess.

>2. Praxian tribes are a mixed blend of animism and thiest.


--Peter Metcalfe

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