RE: Delecti in Tales 19

From: Meints, Richard (R.J.) <"Meints,>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 05:48:28 -0400

Delecti is one of the main topics in Tales #19, which is an Upland Marsh special. The magazine will be going to the printers by June 16th, so you will probably be able to get your grubby little hands on it soon.

A few thoughts on Delecti:

He's not a vampire and doesn't worship Vivamort. He possesses corpses, usually "created" especially for the purpose. He's been a poweful magus who's had nearly 1000 years of major study time. He fancies himself as a master craftsman when it comes to working with his material of choice: Flesh. He is aided by a number of gruesome assistants. The rough analogy of him being a twisted soreceror/mad scientist who lives in a nasty swamp of his own creation is good enough for starters. Originally, they scoped him out with HW stats that made him pathtically weak. I hope to rectify that before he sees print in the Sartar Rising book.

The Stitched Zoo wasn't totally destroyed. Where's the fun in that...

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