From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 22:33:57 +0200

Got the Glorantha book yesterday and have had a quick read-through. Three things need to be said about it:
  1. The contents are very good. I was actually surprised by how much new material (including stuff from the 'works in progress', which I count as new to official status) has been included.
  2. It doesn't seem to have been proofread at all. Saying this book has a lot of typos is like saying the pope has a thing for white. Fortunately, most of them are simple cases of bad spelling or dropped words, irritating but survivable. A couple of badly mangled sentences and a few lapses of logic do stand out, though. I wouldn't mention it except that it's noticeably worse than in the rules books, starting a bad trend.
  3. Finally getting to the Subject. ;-) The maps aren't terribly useful. Given the nature of this book, it's not a big flaw. But it _is_ imperative that upcoming regional supplements have large, detailed maps. With lots of weird stuff on them that you can make up your own stories about. :-) And it seems to me that this will be impossible, given the limitations of the trade paperback format. A good map simply can't be crammed onto those tiny pages. :-( The solution is of course to have fold-out maps. Unfortunately, I have no idea how likely Issaries is to provide us with such luxuries. Anyone?

Jonas Schiött

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