Re: Question on esoteric Sartarite detail

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 13:29:05 -0400

Jonas Schi�tt wrote:
> On p.155 of Glorantha:IttHW, the instructive tale of the Maboder tribe is
> told. Apparently they were wiped out as punishment for tax rebellion.
> But in King of Sartar p. 143 (in the reputable portion of the CHDP) the
> Maboder are said to be lunar allies who were destroyed by Telmori.
> And in Questlines p. 26 the story from G:IttHW is told of a tribe named
> Dundealos.
> So which is which?
> A niggling question, to be sure, but our campaign is about to start in
> this tribe (the one destined to be annihilated by evil lunar empire scum)
> and it'd be nice to get the name right so we don't have to retcon it when
> the next supplement comes out. :-)
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> Jonas Schi�tt
> G�teborg

I'd assume that the Dundelos were destroyed by the Lunars for Tax Evasion. But I'd be quite happy to assume that the Maboder were also destroyed by them. Remember that the very loyal-to-the-throne Telmori do what Prince Twit tells them to do. And Prince Twit does what his advisors suggest.... (but I'd say it might be a glitch, barring Roderick's input)

But its a wee bit on the nit-picky side, I think. Particularly to newcomers to Glorantha? I don't think I can give you a better answer.


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