Re: Re: Big spirit dudes

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 20:13:02 +0200

James :

> Peter Metcalfe:
> >Since when were Waha shamans unable to find spirits of fire, water,
> >storm etc?
> But Peter also posted
> >If you don't want to go to Oakfed's realm then you are venturing outside
> your tradition and have an >even harder time.
> Exactly!
> In order to make spirit cults viable the gm has to penalise the shaman if he
> tries this sort of thing.

I think that the danger lies in being Possessed by a portion of an Uncontrollably Large Spirit, and going mad (and becoming dangerous to everyone else) as a result. Let's put it this way : would YOU like to meet a mad shaman running about with uncontrollably powerful Oakfed powers ?

> This is what I don't like. Taken to the extreme you do end up with Waha
> shamans that can only find Waha spirits on the spirit plane to bind.

Well, Waha is very likely one of those Special Case Jobs ...

> For me Lightning Boy must offer something more than just easier access to
> lightning spirits.


But if LB is your friend, you can give lightning powers to *all* the warriors of your clan. Ouch !!


Julian Lord

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