Re: Initiates and time

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2000 23:16:08 +0200

Nick, answering Henrix :

> much worship of a Culture Hero (such as Waha or Orlanth)
> consists of acting as that Culture Hero would have acted. Not praying, or
> pratting around in Temples. Just *being* a good Praxian or Heortling is all
> the god expects.

I beg to differ : so, an Initiate of Orlanth *must* be a good Heortling only 30% of the time ??

I think that it's just a game mechanic that tells you, in a roundabout way, how many cults you can be a simultaneous Initiative of.

(pardon my roundabout syntax)


Julian Lord


> Remember that a "Heortling most" (following in the footsteps of the
> notorious "Orlanthi all") is c.43%... you may not need to redefine them as
> commies.
> More seriously, ...

IMO, this is a far more sensible interpretation than your subsequent one ...

Orlanthi 'most' = 43% : an excellent rule that I *will* use IMG.

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