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Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 00:28:29 -0000

> And eminently wasteful in that only one talent could be gained
> from the integrated ancestor.
> > > I would instead prefer to channel ancestor (described in
> > > Heroforming) instead.
> >This is a tradition secret, so it's likely to be quite rare.
> It's about as common as Secret Knowledge is in most societies.

Actually, it may be more common. Unlike a theist, who requires knowing *all* the cult affinities at 1w2, a hsunchen can learn their 'secret' by getting 1w in 3 of the talents provided by intergrated spirits.

Its possible that secrets provided by other traditions are equally usable -- the one provided by the Ostin The Burner, for instance. I am not sure however, at what level that spirit cult would provide the Secret -- though all the people who have the Breathe Fire ability qualify under 3 1w talents but not under having things at 1w2...

Which would be easier done than the theist secret, certainly.

> It exists among the Pentans ("[Kargzant's] elite followers
> can transform themselves into blazing fiery horses" Glorantha
> Intro p163) and probably the Praxians too (as in Waha/Jaldon).
> >great-grandson is free to integrate the original Drosox.
> There's nothing to show that integration vanishes after death
> and I think it unlikely as it would mean that ancestors and
> other ghosts will have no magic. Not that it makes much
> difference to your example - the great-grandson integrates
> Drosox the younger who is now the same as Drosox the original.

This would create an ever-increasing Drosox with each generation (I am
Drosox of Borg, you will be assimilated!)

> >Also note that to a hsunchen, it's quite likely that the totem
> >spirits you're integrating are in fact a distant ancestor...
> That is a good point. But it doesn't quite seem to fit into
> the notion of an ancestor as in the spirit of your dead
> grandfather.
> --Peter Metcalfe

And in the case of the hsunchen, they DO practice intergration as a matter of course. With the 'secret' of an Ancestor tradtion being learned when three talents (or fetishes?) are gotten to 1w, then Incarnation is readily done....


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