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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 10:40:40 -0400

Peter Metcalfe:
> > But the spirits that the Shaman integrates are losing _their_
> > identity irreversibly. If they are well-loved spirits of the
> > shamans own tradition (like Ancestors), then this is going to
> > be seen as a Bad Thing.

Julian Lord:
>I don't think that that is a universal truth,

Peter Metcalfe:
>It is a universal truth for those cultures that practice integration as
>described in the Hero Wars rules. If they use some other magic
>with a similar effect but without the consequences, that's fine and

In such a case, I prefer to see a statement of why the culture's magic
>differs. I doubt it is a case of "Our integration is the same as the
>HW-rules save that the individuality of the spirit is not extinguished".
>I could accept something like "after death, our ancestors split off from
>our core self" but that to me would imply that all other integrated spirits
>also split off as it is extremely unlikely that a culture has two

Aldryami are always a great example to use to test theories. They think that all Aldryami are really just components of one big spirit called Aldrya, just like trees are part of the forest. It does not matter to them whether they integrate spirits that humans would consider ancestors.

> I'm aware of this but I'm finding it very hard to think of a culture
>that thinks that an ancestor is a part of oneself that exists
>outside the body. An Ancestor is the spirit of your relatives
>and are normally recognized by you as having independent
>existence whether alive or dead.

Aldryami. They don't recognize "independent" existence of anything in the forest. It is all interdependent.

No humans that I can think of, though. Perhaps some of the weirdoes on the southern continent.

Chris Lemens

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