Malkioni tax(anomy/idermy)

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Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 16:49:46 +1200

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>Me> They consider themselves Malkioni first and foremost.

>Except the Zzaburites... =)

That's rather tricky. Malkion was Zzabur's Pa and so the Brithini at al. consider themselves to be Malkioni. Allegedly so do the Vadeli.

> > [Malkioni] would most readily apply ["sorcerous"] to the
> > Brithini or the God Forgotten as those societies are
> > dominated by Sorcerers. The learned would be aware that
> > the God Learners classified their magics as sorcerous but
> > that is probably held to be a God Learner Error.

>Or they would consider themselves to be the True Descendants
>of the Kingdom of Logic.

That goes without saying. Zzabur in the eyes of most Malkioni has betrayed Malkion and thus is not a true descendant.

> > God with human attributes is Malkion.

> > God with no human attributes is the Creator.

>An interesting distinction. I would think of it more of a perception
>that the universe is an ongoing project and allows for change,
>enlightenment and improvement.

I don't think even the mainstream Malkioni believe in that (OTOH a few nutcases will). According to doctrine, God made the Cosmos through the Five Actions and consequently the World is as it should be for the True People. Imperfections in the World are a result of people falling into sin which must be reversed through the actions of the righteous etc. Second Prophets are really sent by Malkion to return the True People to the Path of Righteousness and not to bring new revelations.

> > this sort of confusion I place in the same basket
> > as "Is Salvation reached by faith or good works?".

>Or are you damned in advance?

And if so, when? Before the Fall as the Supralapsarians believe or afterwards as according to the Infralapsarians?

> > The other is the Aeolians who are described as worshipping the
> > Creator (implying atheism) yet they also worship False Gods!

>This is the Pa.. pah... foop. Pelagian (?) Heresy in which all
>minor gods eventually flowed into the greater ones who were, in
>the end, Masks of God.

Stygian heresy. Pelagianism is the RW doctrine of Salvation through Good Works (he really disapproved of the doctrine of faith alone as it discouraged people from moral effort to be Good Christians and thus fall into moral laxness).

--Peter Metcalfe

--Peter Metcalfe

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