Re: Digest Number 61

From: t.s.baguley_at_...
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 15:48:57 +0100

> From: Brian Laxson <b1laxson_at_...>
>Anothter example is that the Humakti get stuck accepting challenges to
>duels from
>other Humakti. They are not forced to accept them from anyone else. Again,
>is a gift/geas pair that changes this for the Humakti that take it.
>What we deem as "honorable" applies piecemeal to the Humakti. Like the ambushes
>and duels, some Humakti do it. Someone misunderstanding the Humakti
>religion might
>make assumptions that all of them act like the guy who strude up the tula on a
>raid and/or the guy who always accepted any challenge to a duel. Someone like a

Yes, though regardless of whether there is a specific geas all pious Humakti will probably try to be honourable as often as possible. Similiarly those unmarried Sun Domers try to be celibate regardless of whether they have the celibacy geas. Impious acts may be excusable, expedient or prudent, but remain impious.


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