Re: Book size

From: Jarec Basham <jarec_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:22:28 -0000

One of the problems I see with the who HW print is that the artwork on the covers just doesn't look like a RPG system. When I first saw a copy of the boxed set I was struck by the fact that it looks like a table top game from the seventies. If I hadn't known about HW I wouldn't have given it a second look.

Most people are sold by their first view of a product and IMHO the cover artwork just doesn't say fun fantasy RPG. Glorantha (the book) is an improvement but still could be better.

This is not a dig at the artists and I do like the pictures a lot, I just don't think that they sell the product. For 25 I want to buy something that looks exciting and this doesn't. Also from a buying perspective heavier says value for money, even if the actual content is the same.

I look forward to seeing what Multisim have done with their copy.

BTW, my copy of the rules is already shedding pages and I don't use it that heavily.


> On the other ; well, weighing Issaries' edition in one hand, and
the big,
> beautiful Multisim edition in the other ... the french edition is
> and easier to use (even though it's heavier).
> On the whole, I *definitely* prefer the French edition ...
> cheers,
> Julian Lord

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