Re: Telmori: They Ain't *That* Bad/The Telmori Foundling

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:50:00 -0000

I agree with Peter here

> KoS says that Sartar gave them a new king who "showed them the
> secrets of their changing, and offered hope of their curse
> being broken".

My understanding, based on KoS, Having played Goram Whitefang in HotB1 and previous discussions on the GD is that Sartar, being a Hero with a strong to the Movement Rune (IIRC) would be capable of breaking/averting Talor's Curse. The New King he provided was, presumably evidence of this power. On this basis the Telmori swore to follow him and his family, in return for their help in defeating the curse.

Of course poor old Termatain has about as much chance of breaking the Curse as he has of Uniting the tribes, lighting the Flame, ejecting the Lunars, marrying the FHQ, and rulling peacefully over Sartar as King of Dragon Pass... Unfortunately for the Telmori, he looks like their best hope

I think that rival claimants for the throne can win the support of the Telmori if they can show descent from Sartar and renew his vow to help rid them of their curse. Likewise the Lunars can win the Telmori over by either helping them defeat the curse, or helping them come to terms with it. In earlier (simpler) times, the Telmori would act as one, but as the Hero Wars rage across Dragon Pass, the Tribe fragments and bands of Telmori can be found on all sides of the battlefield...

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