Re: Cults of Carmania

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:22:47 EDT

Phillip Hibbs:

<<>It does sting a little that Rinliddi is
>getting its own book, though... ;)

So is Carmania, I think. Trotsky and the Crimson Brooke were talking about it at C2K.>>

     News to me. I dare say there will be a Carmanian book, but its not on the plans at the moment, AFAIK.


<<>Martin mentioned a Lion God, and there does seem to be a Bulls vs Lions
>theme in Carmanian history. Is there really such a god?

There is. I understand that it's Basmol but Anaxial's record might icepick this.>>

     The Carmanian lion god is Durbuddath (although possibly they know him under a different name). Carmanian lions are not the same as the Basmolic sort, although the two certainly look rather similar.


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